Spotlight on Power Users: eBay store owner, Paradise Crow

We turn the spotlight on eBay in the first of a new series looking at what ‘power users’ really think about the platforms that they use.   With such a rich array of marketplaces on the internet, inspiration to build a better platform is only a click away. But with so many marketplaces, each with... Continue Reading →


How will PSD2 affect marketplaces?

Three months after the implementation of PSD2, how are marketplaces adjusting? The path of a growing online marketplace ne’er did run smooth, and the revision of the Payments Services Directive this year made absolutely certain of that. PSD2, which came into force across the European Union on January 13th, has forced through huge changes in... Continue Reading →

The future of cryptocurrencies with marketplaces

With the news that Rakuten is to launch a cryptocurrency, we take a look at the advantages and challenges ahead for marketplaces taking cryptopayments.   Just when you thought you’d got to grips with the plethora of payment options available, Japanese marketplace Rakuten announces that it is planning to launch a new cryptocurrency called Rakuten... Continue Reading →

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